You've gotten a programming language down but don't know what to build. Don't worry here's five projects that are guaranteed to have your resume get attention.

1) A Web App

A web application consists of a JavaScript frontend, a backend language, and a Database. The goal with the Web App is to have it to be visible via a URL similar to this blog. So, try to think of some small problem and code out a solution that allows anyone on the internet to use. Here's mine as an example Free Resume Scanner as you can see it's boring but solves a problem and can be reached on the internet.  What's important is that after you've built your own web app then you can use it to explore the latest tech ideas. After you've built the app then trying doing the following with it.

  • Deploy to Kubernetes as a pod
  • Deploy to server as a running Docker Container
  • Make it serverless
  • Deploy it to different cloud providers
  • Try it as M-V-P arch
  • if M-V-P try it as Micro service architecture

2) Create a CI/CD Pipeline for you Web App

CI/CD stands for Continous Integration and Continous Deployment this means that as you commit code to your repository that on each commit or PR a series of automated steps are run to ensure code quality, security, and boring things like artifact creation, storage, and uploading are automated.  Once, the PR is approved and merged then the Web App should be redeployed and updated with the latest code (with zero down-time). For an example check out Go-DevSecOps-Pipeline where I've set up a Github Actions pipeline to automatically check my code for security issues, build the docker image & upload, and lastly deploy it to AWS Elastic Beanstalk once merged to master

3) Do a Machine Learning Project

Machine learning is all the rage at the moment, but typically under the marketing term of 'A.I.'. Of course to do a project you must first learn about it and I recommend the book Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Raschka and Vahid Mirjalili. Previously, I did an analysis of my TikTok videos to try and build a prediction model for what would get views and what would not.

4) Make, Maintain, and Write your own blog

I have been writing a blog in some form or another since my university days and have finally committed to using to host and edit content. However, what I've learned along the way is that it doesn't matter which way you go about it but only that you do it and have it on the internet. I've been approached several times from my writing for job positions.

5) Get active on Social Media

Whether it is Twitter, TikTok, or whatever the newest popular social media platform is, start producing content. The easiest way to produce content is to share what you're learning. And the easiest way to share what you're learning is to create a video or article about whatever it is that you've just searched on your search engine of choice while coding.

Stand out with these 5 dev projects