Introducing Automate the Boring Stuff with GO - Toul DeGuia-Cranmer

The beginner-friendly guide to programming with GO/GoLang. No prior experience is required!

Introducing Automate the Boring Stuff with GO - Toul DeGuia-Cranmer
Automate the Boring Stuff with GO; Gopher Pushing a Lawn Mower

Welcome to the Free E-book for Beginner Coders Interested in GO

If you're new to GO and a Beginner in programming then there are not really books or learning resources for you. Most GO related books expect you to have some programming experience and involve complex topics such as Web Application building.

If you're looking around in the GO communities online for advice, you'll hear things like 'just do the tour' or 'build it yourself' or the worst 'GO is so easy you can learn it in a day', which for a beginner isn't helpful at all and is discouraging.

However, with Automate the Boring Stuff with GO we'll start from the basics of setting your development environment, go over GO, and then at the end build a bunch of useful programs.

Here's the outline for the second part of the book which contains the programming projects:

Part II. Ready, Set, GO

  • Chapter 8.  Regex
  • Chapter 9.  Reading and writing files
  • Chapter 10. Massive File management
  • Chapter 11. Downloading internet pages
  • Chapter 12. Excelling with GO - working with Spreadsheets
  • Chapter 13. Working with PDF and Word documents
  • Chapter 14. Working with CSV and JSON
  • Chapter 15. Getting a Grip on Dating
  • Chapter 16. Automate E-mailing and Texting
  • Chapter 17. Edit PNG and JPEGs

The first part will be all about the basics of GO and getting your computer ready to develop code.

Part I. All you need to get Going

  • Chapter 1. Setting up your Dev env
  • Chapter 2. Basics of GO
  • Chapter 3. Flow Control
  • Chapter 4. Functions
  • Chapter 5. Slices
  • Chapter 6. Maps and Structs
  • Chapter 7. String Manipulation

Work in progress

I'm writing this book in the open and will deliver one chapter a week, but please bear with me as this is my first time taking on such a task, so the writing might not be perfect.

But, that also means you can tell me when you're confused, and I'll go back to that chapter/section and add more to it or redo it altogether if it doesn't make sense.

So, without further ado here's the first chapter!