I was able to only study for a week to pass the AWS Security Specialist exam and this is because I had been immersed in AWS everyday for 3 years as a DevOps engineer. And as a DevOps engineer that was responsible for security. If this seems like maybe your situation then here's the only resource I used to pass.

In the book there's a link to flashcards and practice exams which I practiced everyday for about ~8 hrs.

There is another link in the book to the official practice test partners of the book and so I did a few of those exams which were much harder than the exams in the book and flashcards.

I used these harder exams to help me focus in on my weak areas and then went back to the book to supplement my knowledge gaps.

Then, I took the exam and passed on the first try, currently I'm working as a Cyber Security Infrastructure Analyst, so let me know if you have any questions.

How I passed the AWS Security Specialist Exam by studying for a week